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A research-driven science influencer marketing platform that aims to provide the creators’ economy with tools and opportunities to make data-led decisions.

A global decision-making most scaled and accurate SaaS platform for influencer marketing offering a comprehensive set of tools that helps you find and connect with credible influencers worldwide.

Dive into KlugKlug to dig deeper into influencers and their audience insights and overcome the biggest influencer marketing challenges.

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Power your influencer Marketing with KlugKlug

Want the best influencer marketing recommendations? Millions of influencers are just waiting to be discovered.

Brands Across Over 28 countries
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Leading Group Agencies, Massive E-commerce Players, Influencer Marketing Agencies
Big and Small Brands
and the new breed of sharp marketing D2C Brands across the world .

How KlugKlug works?

Market Research

Analyze trends and competitors' influencer marketing campaigns to develop a stellar influencer marketing strategy for your business, brand, or clients and get on board with KlugKlug for a full stack of instant solutions.

Discover Influencers

Updated, accurate, and real-time. Discover and shortlist influencers and their audience you need with 20+ advanced filters across three influential platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Analyze Insights

KlugKlug brings transparency about influencers' audiences and their genuine engagement. Analyze the insights with audience insight analysis and look into the numbers to observe what's keeping your influencers up in the game.

Track Campaigns

Let KlugKlug help establish you better. Track your influencer marketing campaign performance and account growth over time with campaign sentiments and real-time campaign performance updates.

Report Generation

Customize reports with a single click. Build and share custom and easy-to-understand reports with your brand logo for your clients.

Find credible influencers from the largest database in the world

KlugKlug to Engineer 20-50% efficiency with cost efficacy.

Products & Services

A full stack of instant solutions to walk through
influencers' marketing workflow.

KlugKlug integrates everything into one to let you accomplish much more in a fraction of the time. True and immediate searchability for influencers with relevant audiences, potentially increasing efficiency in influencer marketing by up to 80%.

Influencers Discovery

(Discover and shortlist relevant influencers with credible audiences for your business)

Influencers/Audience Insight

(Shortlist influencers with audience insight analysis)

Audience Overlap

(Retract duplication of influencers' audience and ensure minimal overlap in cumulative reach)

Influencer and Brand Tie-breaker

(Compare and tie-break your A-list Influencers and brands)

Brand insight for KOL (Key Opinion Leader) collaboration

(Understanding competition with an influencers lens)

Full-suite CRM integration

(Evolving influencer marketing with historical mapping of all campaigns)

There is a massive need
which needs a solution!

Brands are UNABLE to UNEARTH Micro & Nano categories across genres and geos with very little Governance

Top 20%

Only Bigger Influencer profiles are usually used for influencer marketing campaigns which accounts to less than 5% of the pool of influencers 

Bottom 80%

The Holy Grail – The Bottom of the pyramid – the long tail – are NOT discoverable across platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok where we see universe will expand both in depth and width – The Future is Micro and Nano Influencers

A Scaling $16B+ Global Industry Crying for Relevant Insights

Brands are UNABLE to UNEARTH Micro & Nano categories across genres and geos with very little Governance

Fake followers & engagements

Audience Duplication of Influencers

Laborius, Inefficient Manual selection of influencers

Hidden Audience data of influencers – Hence NOT able to connect with right TG of the brand

Fatigued by ‘Easy to tap’ into Mega and Macro, Klug can Unleash Micro and Nano that too from niche geos

KlugKlug USPs Multiplicity of Approaches

Keywords – Powered by AI – Image & Voice Recognition

Search by phrases used by Influencers in their post – Image Recognition, Voice & Audio Recognition,

Topic Relevance

Our AI populates lookalike topic keywords to provide robust influencers who are engaging with similar topics

Trending Influencers

We can shortlist Influencers who has significantly grown in the last few months with a filter for specific time frame (1-6 months)

Geo Specific (City targeting)

Shortlisting influencers for specific cities with filter for audience geo location

Contact Details

Refine search results with only influencers who have email or any other contact details

Lookalike Influencers

Based on topic sensor technology, helps us find influencers who post similar content

Value Proposition Key Solutions

End Result

20-50% Efficiency in Influencer campaign performance with cost efficacy

Competition Analysis
Retrieve competitor brand’s Influencer campaign insights.
Pain point:
Finding what influencer strategy is being implied by the brands competitors
Audience Overlap

Negating duplication of Influencer audience – bringing more cost and reach efficiency

Influencer Discovery

A business logic Data based Approach to finding Influencers across any category or genre

Audience Insights

Audience Of Influencer relevance efficiency build : Age, Gender, Geo (Country/City), Content Affinity, Credibility, Actual Engagers Pain point: Finding right profiles which is in line with the brand’s TA

A full stack of Instant solutions at every step of influencer marketing workflow

Market Research

Sharply Analyze trends and competitors to develop an outstanding IM strategy for your client


Discover influencers with the audiences you need within a millions of database Globally


Over 40 in-depth metrics to analyze Instagram, Youtube & TickTok influencers


Track ad campaign performance & accounts growth over time.


Build and share custom reports with your logo to show the results to your clients.

See KlugKlug in action

Get familiar with the KlugKlug Influencer Marketing Platform by
exploring it with our sales manager.

Case Study

How BlendJet, increased brand awareness by reaching 1M+ people

Case Study

How BlendJet, increased brand awareness by reaching 1M+ people

Case Study

How BlendJet, increased brand awareness by reaching 1M+ people

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Meet the Team

Veterans from the World of Marketing having established multiple brands across new age consumers brands in the internet age.

Kalyan Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Vaibhav Gupta

Chief Product Officer

See Klug in action

Get familiar with the KlugKlug Influencer Marketing Platform by exploring it with our sales manager.

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