CRM Integration

Evolving influencer marketing with historical mapping of all campaigns.

Klugklug’s CRM integration, A premium tool that, once activated, keeps track of all the content your influencers create, their interactions with your business, and the posts they make for your brands. It also manages the effectiveness of paid or barter partnerships with your influencer group.
With the help of our cutting-edge tools, run and manage each of your influencer marketing initiatives from start to finish.

Best Influencer Marketing Software
Best Influencer Marketing Software

What’s Included?

Influencer shortlisting with audience insights analysis – 

Notable Features

Best Influencer Marketing Software

Historical Mapping

KlugKlug CRM integration brings you a single communication hub to manage and track all your influencer marketing campaigns and projects in one place with lifetime continuity.

Real-time Update

The Growing Influencer marketing industry is limited by a need for more platforms to provide true discovery, transparency, and tracking of influencer marketing campaigns. This issue has been resolved by KlugKlug Tech’s real-time updates feature. Real-time campaign performance updates can help you improve your plan and future-proof your influencer marketing approach.

Media Coverage KlugKlug
Media Coverage KlugKlug

Customization and report generation

Keep track of your accounts’ development and campaign performance over time using Klugklug CRM Integration. For your business clients, create and distribute personalized reports with your logo. Track your influencers’ content and interactions with a single click and an easy-to-read report.

Campaign Sentiments

Powered by social sentiments, KlugKlug’s CRM integration evaluates an influencer’s audience polarity. Track customers’ opinions and thoughts about an influencer or brand, and with the data and information gathered through sentiment analysis, develop an effective Influencer marketing strategy.

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