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A 360° in-depth insight into credible creators and their audience.

KlugKlug is the Global B2B Tech SaaS Platform providing solutions to Leading Group Agencies, Massive E-commerce Players, Influencer Marketing Agencies, Big and Small Brands, D2C Brands across the world, and more to find the most relevant, credible, and influential influencers across all-time prime platforms with influencer data analytics (Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube) to shortlist influencers with audience insight analysis and detect fake followers of influencers.

Best Influencer Marketing Software
Best Influencer Marketing Software

What’s Included?

Influencer shortlisting with audience insights analysis –

Notable features of Influencer's Audience Insight

Best Influencer Marketing Software

In-depth metrics to analyze Influencers and their Audience

Formulating your influencer marketing plans?
For an influencer marketing strategy to be successful, accuracy and a thorough comprehension of the audience data are crucial. Scrutinize influencers’ key performance indicators (KPIs) for influencer data analytics and get 360 degrees of in-depth insight into high-quality and credible creators and their authentic Followers with KlugKlug.

Followers’ credibility and notable followers

Detect fake followers and filter the authentic audience for the followers and notable followers are the people who are verified or public figures. Get insights on influencers’ Top posts/Top reels and sponsored posts. Retrieve reel data with KlugKlug and more.

Best Influencer Marketing Software
Best Influencer Marketing Software

Audience Location

KlugKlug gives you deep long-tail data of the audience and their engager’s location by country and city with influencer data analytics.

Influencer Audience interest and brand affinity

KlugKlug influencer analytics platform provides the audience interest and brand affinity of the influencer.

Best Influencer Marketing Software

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The Right Set Of Influencer and Audience Insight

Millions of influencers on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok

Millions of authentic influencers

Best Influencer Marketing Software
Best Influencer Marketing Software

Quick & easy search for an influencer in a snap of a finger

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