Influencer and Brand Tie-breaker

Compare and tie-break your A-list Influencers and brands

With KlugKlug compare up to 3 profiles of influencers or brands to run a side-by-side comparison to grasp a better view of your influencer marketing campaigns. KlugKlug’s exciting feature is to compare and choose the best from your team of top-notch creators for robust campaign planning. Get a good insight into the engaged audiences of the profiles in comparison and choose the right influencer for your campaign.

What’s Included?

Notable Features

Track and tie-break

A cumulative dashboard for an average of views, likes, comments, reel views, and engagement rate of the influencers and brands in comparison. You can quickly track and tie-break the success of your top influencers and brands with the KlugKlug’s Tie-breaker dashboard.

Followers and engagers audience

To better understand the engaged audiences of the profiles and businesses in comparison, detailed insights on the followers and likers audience (those who engaged with the profile) are provided with attributes such as audience caliber, Notable likers (the proportion of likes from influencers themselves), and their demographics.
By analyzing the detailed insights on the followers and likers audience, we assure your business can gain valuable insights into their target market, understand what content resonates with them, and develop more effective marketing strategies.
Identify new opportunities for engagement and growth for your influencer Marketing campaign with Influencer and Brand Tie-breaker feature.

Influencers' top and sponsored posts

A detailed profile comparison information that aids in performing an apple-to-apple comparison for effective campaign planning. Look into influencers’ top posts in comparison to closely study the content and metrics of influencers and brands of your choice.

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