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Let's Track The Campaign Strategy of Your Competitors

With KOLs (key opinion leaders), Track and analyze your influencer marketing campaign by gaining instant competition insights on the scale with real-time updates. Spy into competitors’ influencer strategy by analyzing competitors’ campaigns with specific categories of influencers. Find the right influencers with audiences that align with the brands’ target market on Klugklug’s influencer campaign platform for your campaigns.

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Understanding competition with an influencers lens

See all the real-time stats with the KlugKlug influencer campaign platform. Sense the budget the competitors are spending, choice of influencers, KPI they are hitting and their content strategy.

Put competitor's influencer marketing strategies to test

Keep your competitors closer! Don’t just measure your campaign’s success; keep track of your competition’s marketing strategies using Klugklug’s influencer campaign platform. KlugKlug lets you learn what your competitors are up to and help you optimize your influencer marketing strategies accordingly.

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