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Brands Across Over 28 countries
are now powered by KlugKlug

Leading Group Agencies, Massive E-commerce Players, Influencer Marketing Agencies
Big and Small Brands and the new breed of sharp marketing D2C Brands across the world

Find credible influencers from the largest database in the world

KlugKlug to Engineer 20-50% efficiency with cost efficacy.
Best influencer markeing software

Influencers Discovery

(Discover and shortlist relevant influencers with credible audiences for your business)

Influencers/Audience Insight

(Shortlist influencers with audience insight analysis)

Best influencer markeing software
Find influencers influencer marketing

Audience Overlap

(Retract duplication of influencers' audience and ensure minimal overlap in cumulative reach)

Influencer and Brand Tie-breaker

(Compare and tie-break your A-list Influencers and brands)

Best influencer markeing software
Best influencer markeing software

Brand insight for KOL (Key Opinion Leader) collaboration

(Understanding competition with an influencers lens)

Full-suite CRM integration

(Evolving influencer marketing with historical mapping of all campaigns)

Find influencers influencer marketing

A Scaling $16B+ Global Industry Crying for Relevant Insights

Brands are UNABLE to UNEARTH Micro & Nano categories across genres and geos with very little Governance

Fake followers & engagements

Audience Duplication of Influencers

Best Influencer Marketing Software

Laborius, Inefficient Manual selection of influencers

Hidden Audience data of influencers – Hence NOT able to connect with right TG of the brand

Fatigued by ‘Easy to tap’ into Mega and Macro, Klug can Unleash Micro and Nano that too from niche geos

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Power your influencer Marketing with KlugKlug

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