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Top 10 Male Makeup Influencers

In the realms of makeup, skincare, beauty, and fashion, gender stereotypes have long reigned. It’s high time we liberate these words from their confined associations. Embrace your personal style and skincare routine as a way to show yourself the love you deserve.

Male makeup influencers have flawlessly shattered gender boundaries, normalizing that a single gender does not bind beauty and fashion.

Ready to infuse your social media feed with style and sparkle with Klugklug, the best influencer marketing software? Male makeup influencers are taking over, offering captivating visuals and top-notch makeup and skincare advice. This shift represents a remarkable change in the beauty industry, traditionally dominated by women. These male influencers bring fresh perspectives, exceptional artistry, and a challenge to outdated stereotypes and gender norms.

Male Makeup Influencers Instagram

Wing It with Ankush: Redefining Makeup Norms

@wingitwithankush 567K Followers

In the ever-evolving world of makeup artistry, some remarkable individuals have been breaking boundaries, and one of them is the incredibly talented creator Ankush Bahuguna, known for his captivating makeup series, “Wing It with Ankush.” Ankush stands out because he’s one of the few men who wholeheartedly embrace the makeup world, sharing his skills and insights with his devoted following.

One of his most notable videos delves into a topic that garnered widespread appreciation and attention: the normalization of men using makeup without judgment. Ankush’s impassioned discourse around cisgender men applying makeup helped initiate crucial conversations, emphasizing that makeup is a form of self-expression, not confined by gender norms. Encouraged by the positive response, he launched his Instagram page dedicated to makeup, committing himself to empowering others and boosting their self-confidence through cosmetics.

You’ll find various video content on his Instagram, including his skillfully assisting friends and family in their makeup routines. It’s evident that Ankush is on a mission to prove that makeup is a form of art and self-expression that transcends gender boundaries, and he’s here to help others embrace their unique styles.

Vincent Ford: Your Guide to Glamorous Makeup Hacks

@vincentford 472K Followers

Among renowned male makeup influencers on Instagram, Vincent Ford has made backstage makeup tricks accessible to everyone through his straightforward and engaging videos. His latest video, unveiling his Holy Grail makeup hacks, has garnered a staggering 5 million views and counting, cementing his status as a go-to source for bold and unique makeup inspiration on the platform.

Vincent’s makeup tutorials often incorporate glitter, vibrant lip colors, and statement eyeshadow, resulting in eye-catching and show-stopping looks. Moreover, he generously shares valuable insights into color theory, equipping his audience with the fundamental knowledge needed for practical makeup application.

Suppose you’re seeking a touch of glamour and sophistication in your makeup routine. In that case, Vincent Ford’s Instagram feed is where you’ll discover a treasure trove of invaluable tips and tricks to upgrade your beauty game.

Leoo Valera: The Art of Flawless Makeup

@leoovalera 413K Followers

Meet Leoo Valera, a YouTube beauty influencer and Male MUA who has mastered creating stunning makeup looks. His YouTube channel is a goldmine of wisdom for anyone eager to enhance their makeup skills.

Leoo firmly believes that the key to impeccable makeup begins with a solid skincare routine. He underscores that maintaining luminous and beautiful skin is the foundation for flawless makeup. His creative journey in the makeup world started with a deep-rooted passion for beauty and skincare, and he has since blossomed into an influential figure in the industry.

For those looking to elevate their makeup game and achieve flawless results, Leoo Valera is your guiding star. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to embark on a journey toward makeup excellence.

Shilpan Das: A Fusion of Artistry and Education

@shilpandas_sparkle_fusions 405K Followers

Shilpan Das, renowned as “shilpandas_sparkle_fusions” on Instagram with an impressive 405K followers, is a prominent makeup artist, educator, and influencer from Kolkata. Armed with a BSc in Digital Filmmaking and ISO 9001:2015 certification, Shilpan flawlessly blends artistry and education within the beauty industry.

His Instagram feed showcases diverse makeup looks, each a testament to his expertise and artistry. Shilpan generously imparts his knowledge through tutorials and valuable tips to inspire makeup enthusiasts and aspiring artists worldwide. His artistic and educational prowess makes him a shining example in the makeup community.

Aditya Madiraju: A Master of Makeup Goals

@adityamadiraju 522K Followers

Aditya Madiraju, a makeup enthusiast from New Jersey, is taking the beauty world by storm. Aditya sets new standards in daily makeup routines as a well-known male beauty blogger and one of the most-watched makeup influencers.

Aditya’s content is a captivating blend of dramatic makeup looks and playful splashes of colors. His ability to make makeup routines fun and accessible has earned him a devoted following. Whether you seek inspiration for your beauty regimen or your clients, influencers like Aditya will surely deliver. With their loyal fan base and engaging content, they have undoubtedly become influential voices in the beauty industry.

James Charles: A Pioneer in Male Makeup Influence

@jamescharles 21.1M Followers

In 2015, James Charles embarked on his YouTube journey, initially posting makeup tutorials. His vibrant personality and exceptional talent quickly propelled him into the limelight, earning him recognition as the youngest male makeup influencer of his time. James’s rise continued as he collaborated with prestigious brands like Morphe and engaged with many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and many more.

Through engaging tutorials, James has empowered male audiences, helping them feel comfortable with makeup as a form of self-expression. His journey has cemented him as a pioneering figure in the beauty world.

Bretman Rock: Fearless and Bold Beauty Inspiration

@bretmanrock 18.8M Followers

Filipino-American beauty influencer Bretman Rock became a sensation among male makeup influencers when his contouring videos went viral in 2015. Known for his unique makeup tutorials and unmatched sense of humor, Bretman’s fearless approach to makeup has inspired people worldwide. 

Through his tutorials, product reviews, and collaborations with prominent brands, Bretman has established himself as a trusted authority on male makeup. His infectious energy and unapologetic self-expression have made him a trailblazing force, leaving an indelible mark on the beauty community and promoting inclusivity.

Shantanu Dhope: A Master of Makeup Artistry

@shantanudhope  58.6K Followers

Shantanu Dhope exemplifies how makeup transcends gender boundaries to become a proper art form. His makeup looks are intricate and flawless, showcasing his exceptional skill and creativity. His tutorials and transitions are as innovative as his makeup creations, setting him apart as a true artist in the realm of makeup.

Shantanu’s work is a testament to the limitless possibilities of makeup artistry and its capacity for self-expression. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or looking for inspiration, Shantanu Dhope’s artistry will ignite your creativity and passion for makeup.

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