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Top Asian Fitness Influencers

As we approach 2024, we know many of us are embarking on the classic “new year, new me” journey. To help you on your path, whether you’re a dedicated resolution-maker or just someone seeking to enhance your health and fitness, we’ve put together a handy list of some of the most inspiring Asian fitness influencers.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can pose a challenge in a world where we have to sit for long hours to work on our laptops. However, fear not because many home-based workouts can be accessed through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, making it easier to target all those essential muscle groups without leaving the comfort of your home.

The internet has made discovering workout ideas and training tips incredibly accessible. We’ve been following some of these incredible Asian fitness influencers for some time, and now we’d like to introduce you to our top Asian fitness influencers. So, let’s dive into Klugklug’s world, the best influencer marketing software, for that much-needed motivation to stay in shape in 2024 with the best Asian fitness influencers.

Best of Asian Fitness Influencers

Stephanie Buttermore

@StephanieButtermore 1.22M Youtube Subscribers 

@stephanie_buttermore  606K Instagram Followers

Stephanie Buttermore, an Asian American fitness influencer, gained popularity on YouTube by documenting her bodybuilding journey while pursuing her doctorate. She embarked on a remarkable transformation journey written in her series, “All In,” where she addressed unhealthy eating habits and her battle with weight gain. Stephanie now boasts 1.23 million subscribers on YouTube and 606K Instagram followers. She takes a scientific approach to fitness, sharing her love for food and emphasizing the importance of making fitness fun and realistic.

Kathryn Nash

@minibutmighty_ 598K Instagram Followers

Kathryn Nash co-owns a personal coaching program that has transformed the lives of thousands of women. She specializes in creating videos covering various topics, from gym tips to discussions on mental and physical health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Kathryn has carved out her niche in the female fitness world, and her influence is on a steady upward trajectory.

Bart Kwan

@bartkwan 561K Instagram Followers

@barbellbrigade 700K Youtube Subscribers

Bart Kwan, one of the founders of Barbell Brigade, a popular gym in California, has emerged as an influential Asian American male fitness influencer on Instagram. With a following of 561K, Bart has seamlessly transformed his fitness lifestyle into a successful business and influencer status. On the Barbell Brigade YouTube channel, boasting 700K subscribers, he shares high-protein food ideas and many fitness videos, enriching the fitness community.

Beverley Cheng

@beverleycheng 257K Followers

Beverley Cheng takes her fitness journey to the high seas quite literally! While living on a sailboat, Beverley manages to break a sweat and encourages her 257K followers to do the same. She has earned the title of the “queen of bodyweight workouts” and showcases her incredible physique as proof of her dedication. Her Instagram page is a goldmine of free workouts; for a more personalized experience, you can work with her one-on-one for fitness coaching.

Omar Isuf

@omarisuf  246K Followers

@OmarIsuf 845K Subscribers

Omar Isuf is an influential figure in the fitness world, with 845K YouTube subscribers and 246K Instagram followers. He’s renowned for his informative content and serves as the host of the History Channel’s “Ancient Workouts.” Omar explores how people worked out in different cultures and periods in this show. He continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts with his expertise and engaging personality.


@ciindylifts 134K Followers

Meet Cindy, a 22-year-old powerlifting enthusiast and a dual influencer in fitness and beauty. Her Instagram is a collection of progress pictures and videos showcasing powerlifting, bench presses, and even participation in competitions. Cindy’s substantial following and numerous sponsorships reflect her significant impact in motivating women to pursue weightlifting healthily.

Daniel Wai

@thestrongwai 75.8K Followers

Daniel Wai, a former consultant turned full-time trainer and fitness influencer, is on a mission to inspire and educate his 75.8K Instagram followers. His profile is a source of motivation, featuring his workout routines, meal prep ideas, and words of encouragement. Daniel’s passion lies in weight training and boxing, and he also runs a personal training program in New York, helping individuals transform their lives through fitness.

Seung-Hyeon Kim

@a.k.a_seb 72.2K Followers 

Seung-Hyeon Kim, a renowned Korean fitness instructor and Instagram influencer, boasts an incredible physique that he regularly showcases. His posts feature gym workouts and bodybuilding competitions, attracting significant attention online. With a physique resembling a sculpted work of art, Seung-Hyeon is rapidly becoming the go-to Asian fitness influencer for men, amassing a substantial following and numerous sponsorships.

Belinda Hicks

@xoxobelinda_ 21.3K Followers

Belinda Hicks is a proper gym enthusiast, and her Instagram feed reflects her passion for weightlifting and weight training. She’s not just about showcasing her achievements; she’s here to inspire you on your fitness journey. Her posts consistently rank high in Fitspo and Asian fitness hashtags, which speaks to her substantial following and the remarkable engagement she receives.

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