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Top Lifestyle Influencers in India

Lifestyle influencers India are social media stars who’ve charmed their way into our lives by sharing their choices, experiences, and expertise. They cover a vast spectrum of topics, from fashion to food, travel, fitness, and more, using fascinating images and engaging content to offer insights into their daily routines.

What sets them apart is their mission to inspire their audience. Their followers often mimic their lifestyles and make purchasing decisions influenced by the influencer’s recommendations.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of content, from beauty tips to budget-friendly shopping advice. These influencers wield considerable influence on consumer behavior, making them valuable partners for lifestyle brands looking to increase sales, enhance credibility, and attract quality leads. Collaborating with lifestyle influencers India might be your brand’s secret to success. Let’s look at India’s top lifestyle influencers with Klugklug, The best influencer marketing software to find influencers.

Lifestyle Influencers in India

Ranveer Allahbadia

Meet Ranveer Allahbadia, affectionately known as Instagram’s “Beer Biceps, ” who is among the top lifestyle influencers India. He is a prominent figure in the realm of fitness and lifestyle. His profile offers a comprehensive spectrum of content, from fitness tips that ignite motivation to passionate talks about life, urging a complete transformation. With approximately 6.33M subscribers on his YouTube channel, Ranveer delves into various topics, including fashion, spiritual practices, marketing investments, and more, designed to empower and inspire the youth of this generation.

Masoom Minawala Mehta, synonymous with class and trendiness, is among the outstanding lifestyle influencers India. She’s more than just a fashion creator; she’s an entrepreneur and investor. Her awards include the Lokmat Award for ‘Most Stylish Blogger 2019,’ ‘Best Content Creator for Social Samosas,’ 30 under 30,’ ‘India’s Best Luxury Blogger,’ ‘HSBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year,’ and more. Masoom’s Instagram showcases highlights from Cannes, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and numerous other high-profile events. As the CEO of Fashion Portal and Style Fiesta, she’s forged partnerships with prestigious brands such as Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci, and more.

Sejal Kumar has journeyed from creating videos on Sarojini hauls to becoming a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. As a lifestyle influencer, her content encompasses fashion, lifestyle, travel, and engaging relatable videos. Her fashion tips and hacks are suitable for everyone who enjoys dressing up. Don’t miss her styling videos, where she crafts stunning outfits on a budget.

Gia Kashyap, based in Mumbai and known as ‘Giasaysthat,’ is all about positivity and the art of living well. Her personal and fun content is a mood booster, offering insights into starting your day on the right note and choosing the perfect sunscreen for your skin. Gia has a guide for just about everything to enhance your daily life.

Rizwan Bachav, among the top lifestyle influencers India, is not only an investment banking professional but also an Instagram lifestyle influencer, digital creator, and marathoner. His accolades include the ‘Luxury Influencer of the Year 2020’ and ‘Influencer of the Year 2022 (Male).’ Rizwan’s Instagram is an impressive showcase of his life, featuring highlights such as luxury brands, travel experiences, and various accomplishments. He’s collaborated with brands like Lifestyle India, Victor Inox India, and Zodiac Clothing and expanded his presence across social media platforms.

Karron S Dhinggra is an Indian lifestyle influencer, a digital creator, and a lawyer. His expertise in menswear and grooming and unique humor set him apart. He consistently won the ‘Fashion Influencer of The Year’ award from 2019 to 2023 (excluding 2021). Karron is a true globetrotter, as evidenced by the highlights on his Instagram, featuring his adventures worldwide. With a YouTube subscriber base in the millions, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the Indian lifestyle influencer scene.

Sayan Bakshi, also known as ‘The Orange Epistles,’ hails from Mumbai and has a massive following of 875k. His content is a delightful blend of inspiration and happiness. Sayan’s blog and Instagram feed are a treasure trove of various facets of life, from fashion and lifestyle to travel, fitness, grooming, motivation, experiences, and entertainment. His journey from a master’s degree in medical technology to full-time blogging, acting, and modeling is an inspiring testament to following one’s passion.


Hailing from Delhi, India, Piyanka Mongia gained TikTok stardom with her mesmerizing dancing and lip-syncing videos and is among the top lifestyle influencers India. However, the 2020 TikTok ban in India prompted her to shift her content to other platforms. Despite not posting on TikTok since June 2020, Piyanka maintains a robust following of over 22 million fans. Today, she showcases her lip-syncing talents and shares her life through vlogs on her YouTube channel, where she has amassed 565k subscribers. 

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