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Top 20 Micro Influencers on Instagram 2023

Klugklug is your go-to platform for uncovering the top micro influencers on Instagram with a massive influencer database. In this dynamic digital landscape, social media influencers have become the trailblazers of content creation, inspiring and engaging audiences across the globe. Micro influencers on Instagram, in particular, have risen to prominence for their authenticity, niche expertise, and strong connections with their followers. 

Klugklug leverages advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to identify these standout micro influencers on Instagram. Whether you’re interested in fashion, beauty, food, travel, fitness, technology, parenting, or any other niche, From makeup artists who weave magic with their brushes to culinary connoisseurs who take you on a gastronomic journey and from globe-trotting adventurers who explore the world’s hidden gems to tech enthusiasts who unravel the latest innovations, Klugklug has it all with in-depth influencer data analytics.

Top 20 Micro Influencers on Instagram 2023

1. Shivya Nath

A prominent female travel Instagrammer. She is more than just an explorer; she’s a sustainability advocate and mindful traveler. The author of “The Shooting Star,” Shivya founded Climate Conscious Travel, emphasizing community-centric climate action in tourism. Her Instagram reflects her commitment to slow and immersive travel, climate change awareness, veganism, and more.

2. Little Red Fashion Hood

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, this self-proclaimed Amazon addict, Little Red Fashion Hood, shatters stereotypes by promoting affordable fashion and lifestyle for everyone. She embraces her natural red hair while expressing her love for black, leopard prints, and other colors in her outfits. Her dedicated following appreciates her recent emphasis on maternity fashion, driven by her interests.

3. Geena

Geena is an artistic influencer specializing in non-traditional makeup, with a penchant for vibrant shades that mesmerize her followers. Her magnetic eye makeup skills draw enthusiasts into the world of unconventional beauty and have made her find a spot among the top micro influencers on Instagram.

4. Archit Lost

Archit Agrawal is a passionate food blogger on Instagram known as ‘Architlost’ (LOST: Life of Simple Treats). His website, lifeofsimpletreats.com, is a treasure trove of fun and easy-to-create recipes. Archit has been curating content for four years alongside his full-time career in Digital Marketing. He is among the top IG micro influencers.

5. Sasha Chudeeva

Sasha is a multi-talented makeup artist and co-owner of a beauty suite. Her TikTok and Instagram accounts are treasure troves of makeup solutions and creative ideas. She also offers wedding makeup services and shares her passion for photography.

6. Lokesh Verma

Lokesh Verma is a famous tattoo artist from India. He’s well-known for bringing soundwave tattoos to India, and he’s one of the people who started the Heartwork Tattoo Festival, the only international tattoo festival in India. You can visit his studio called Devil’z Tattooz in Delhi.

7. I Love Travelling

This tour company’s seasoned traveler and managing director takes her followers on colorful journeys to 53 countries. With a wealth of travel ideas and advice, she’s a leading influencer in Myanmar, introducing her audience to the beauty of her homeland and beyond.

8. Goi Sonia

Goi Sonia, a content creator from Italy, is a mom, fearless adventurer, and among the top micro influencers. She showcases breathtaking locations in her native country and abroad, sharing exciting activities with fellow travelers. She’s also an ambassador for eco-friendly travel solutions.

9. Chelsea Martin

If you seek luxury travel inspiration, Chelsea Martin is your go-to source. As a personalized luxury travel planner and advisor, she shares her rich experiences from stunning destinations like Greece, the USA, Morocco, and more. Prepare for unforgettable journeys through her Instagram..

10. Aishwarya

In Indian beauty and makeup, Aishwarya Kaushal reigns as the queen. Her formidable makeup skills complement her radiant charm, and she generously shares her expertise through bi-weekly makeup tutorials and captivating beauty vlogs. Aishwarya consistently pushes boundaries in fashion, challenging norms and offering her followers innovative alternatives in beauty.

11. Elizabeth Moye

Elizabeth Moye, a nutritionist, crafts simple, wholesome recipes that are not only affordable but also accessible. Her Instagram is a feast for the eyes, showcasing a variety of dishes categorized for vegans, gluten-free eaters, dairy-free enthusiasts, and more.

12. Suraj Kumar

Suraj Kumar is your cinematic companion if you’re a Bollywood movie enthusiast with a taste for sarcasm and humor. He embarks on a side-splitting journey through his YouTube channel, offering comically satirical reviews in Hindi. His witty take on Bollywood clichés and melodrama will make you laugh, making his channel a go-to for genuine LOL moments.

13. Amanda Holzter

Amanda Holzter’s Instagram is your gateway to healthy nutrition. She’s on a mission to provide simple, sustainable, and inclusive nutrition advice. Through her posts, she shares mouthwatering dishes, offers self-care tips, and radiates positivity.

14. Tom Bliss

Tom Bliss, a former professional rugby player turned Instagram star, shares insights into a healthy lifestyle, especially in sports. You can learn to perform exercises correctly and achieve a physique like his. His love for fitness has earned him a position among the top micro influencers on Instagram.

15. Allen Swan

Allen Swan, a fitness trainer, showcases his impressive physique and a strong message: Start your fitness journey now. As a Legends ambassador, he encourages others to prioritize exercise and health.

16. Heena Raheja

Heena Raheja, a TEDx speaker, Gopro vlogger, globetrotter, and lifestyle influencer, is living her dream life purposefully. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of high-quality travel content, allowing you to see the world through her lens and find inspiration to kickstart your travel journey.

17. Eric Matt

Eric Matt, an Instagram influencer with over 71k followers, shares captivating photos worldwide. His images provide meaningful experiences and inspire all who appreciate the beauty of nature.

18. Sleep Classes

Do you recall being a sleepy student during crucial subjects like finance, tax, history, or politics? Sleepy Classes is the antithesis of its name. This educational YouTube channel breaks down traditionally dull subjects, transforming them into engaging and easily digestible lessons. With an extensive library of videos covering UPSC exam topics and quick 2-minute guides on world history, politics, economy, and more, Sleepy Classes makes learning captivating and accessible.

19. Sarita and Kamal

For those seeking to embark on a global travel adventure or even explore the diverse landscapes of India, World Ghoomo is your ultimate guide. Sarita and Kamal, a dynamic couple, run a YouTube channel as a comprehensive travel encyclopedia. Their detailed content covers budget tips, cultural heritage, local festivals, visa information, etc.

Additionally, they offer a dedicated website with additional resources, making them your go-to source for becoming a world traveler.

20. Kiran Rathore

The Multifaceted Lifestyle Influencer & YouTuber offers insights into food, fashion, fitness, gadgets, and parenting. Her adorable cherubs add charm to her feed, illuminating parenting, fashion, beauty, and healthcare topics. Kiran is your go-to source for a comprehensive lifestyle experience. Her micro-influencer feed combines informative tips, product reviews, humor, and heartwarming family moments.

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